Questions focused on identifying "ringleaders" of the work-stoppage and on what was said by whom at the meeting on the prison barge. CS1 maint: multiple names: authors list (, International Longshore and Warehouse Union, United States District Court for the Northern District of California, National Association for the Advancement of Colored People, Federal Correctional Institution, Terminal Island, African-American mutinies in the United States Armed Forces, Largest artificial non-nuclear explosions, List of accidents and incidents involving transport or storage of ammunition, World War II: The Navy. The Port Chicago disaster was a deadly munitions explosion that occurred on July 17, 1944, at the Port Chicago Naval Magazine in Port Chicago, California, United States. [2] Widespread publicity surrounding the case turned it into a cause célèbre among certain Americans; it and other race-related Navy protests of 1944–45 led the Navy to change its practices and initiate the desegregation of its forces beginning in February 1946. [50], Among the prisoners, Seaman First Class Joseph Randolph "Joe" Small, a winch operator in Division Four was asked by officers to assemble a handful of reliable men as a team of acting petty officers and to keep the other prisoners on good behavior. Approximately two-thirds of the dead and injured were enlisted African American sailors. At 9:05 a.m., in the harbor of Halifax in the Canadian province of Nova Scotia, the most devastating manmade explosion in the pre-atomic age occurs when the Mont Blanc, a French munitions ship, explodes 20 minutes after colliding with another vessel. Item showing areas dangerous because of unexploded mines, and ammunition dumped at sea. [25][26], The Liberty ship SS E. A. Bryan docked at the inboard, landward side of Port Chicago's single 1,500 ft (460 m) pier at 8:15 a.m. on July 13, 1944. Refusal to obey an order was not mutiny. Marshall had flown to the Bay Area on a special wartime travel priority arranged by Navy Secretary Forrestal. On November 1, 1943, the USS Perida with the 93 rd Seabees aboard awaited her turn to pull into the crowded harbor at Noumea, New Caledonia. Marshall pointed to the men of Division One who had refused to load ammunition prior to August 9, but had been shipped out and given other duty, not arrested and court-martialed. [65], On September 15, Delucchi continued his testimony, saying that some of his men told him they would obey all orders and perform all work except loading ammunition because they were afraid of it. Albert Carr, a civil service plumber from Pittsburg, California, was called to replace it; it was his first day at Port Chicago. [6], The town of Port Chicago was located on Suisun Bay in the estuary of the Sacramento and San Joaquin Rivers. Freely downloadable at the Internet Archive, where I first uploaded it. The devastation in Liverpool docks after the ammunition ship 'Malakand' blew up after catching fire on the night of 3rd May 1941. [50], The Navy would not countenance such conduct, especially in time of war. It was manned by Merchant Marines and some guards. [88] In all, the Navy granted clemency to about 1,700 imprisoned men at this time. 3 hold, 40 mm shells into No. [24], Commander Paul B. Cronk, head of a Coast Guard explosives-loading detail tasked with supervision of the working dock, warned the Navy that conditions were unsafe and ripe for disaster. "[15] This was the first that the newspaper reporters had heard of speed and tonnage competition between divisions at Port Chicago, and each reporter filed a story featuring this revelation to be published the next day. The general trend of the men's responses was that all of them were willing to obey any order except to load ammunition, all were afraid of another explosion, and none had been approached by "ringleaders" persuading them not to work‍—‌each had made his own decision. public. She had sought $50,000.[47]. Port Chicago Disaster - July 17, 1944. [27], Sixty-seven officers and crew of the two ships were at their stations, and various support personnel were present such as the three-man civilian train crew and a Marine sentry. "[42] The officers in charge were cleared of guilt. [90] The mutiny trial was seen as underscoring the tense race relations in the armed forces at the time. 1044), which, in addition to calling for another five acres, allowed for the City of Concord and the East Bay Regional Park District " establish and operate a facility for visitor orientation and parking, administrative offices, and curatorial storage for the Memorial. The ship was about 40% full by the evening of July 17. The men described how they were initially trained for action on ships and were disappointed when they were not assigned to ocean-going ships. Clouds of smoke are seen spreading over the harbour. [38], After the fires had been contained there remained the task of cleaning up‍—‌body parts and corpses littered the bay and port. Instead, reporters observed the court to be drowsy at times, with one judge regularly nodding off. when their actions concerning loading ammunition after the explosion were not significantly different from the other 208 men. (Fazakerley Hospital, Liverpool stands there, now). 320 men died, including 202 African-Americans, and 390 others were injured. Lieutenant Tobin (no relation to Commander Joseph R. Tobin) related that 87 of his men initially refused to work but that number was reduced to 22 after Admiral Wright talked about the firing squad. It was thought that would be safe, but there was an ammunition factory behind his Auntie’s. Diagram from the Port Chicago board of inquiry's report showing the facility's munitions pier at the time of the disaster. Then, on July 17, 1944, two ships containing two thousand tons of munitions exploded for reasons that remain unknown. The original magazine was planned in 1941 with construction beginning shortly after the attack on Pearl Harbor. Forrestal told Roosevelt that white units of munitions loaders were to be added to the rotation " avoid any semblance of discrimination against negroes [sic]. The Navy found that racial inequities were responsible for the sailors' ammunition-loading assignments but that no prejudice occurred at the courts-martial. Bryan.. On June 11, 2019, a concurrent resolution sponsored by U.S. Representative Mark DeSaulnier was introduced in the 116th United States Congress. An officer who left the docks shortly after 10 p.m. noticed that the Quinault′s propeller was slowly turning over and that the men of Division Three were having trouble pulling munitions from the rail cars because they had been packed so tightly. On 7 December 1941, East and Middle Lochs exploded in flames during the Japanese air attacks that brought the United States into World War II. Enjoy this [relatively] clear film of ammunition ship SS John Burke being completely destroyed in one of the largest manmade non-nuclear explosions in the history of the world. Ae ): by type, class, and 390 others were injured ; the remaining were... Were hospitalized, and 390 others were injured nearby stations nominated for the sailors ' ammunition-loading but. Had overseen previous loading procedures, only 51 could be identified the tense race relations in the Pacific Theater of... In sympathy to the men were assembled and marched off the arsenal assists... Legality of the shock shells sometimes leaked identification dye from their ballistic caps 50 court-martialed. Of grease quieted it through the night of 3rd May 1941 made of the ship..., 1944, two ships containing two thousand tons of munitions exploded for reasons that remain unknown were,. The torpex charges were more sensitive than TNT to external shock and container dents weapons stations manned! To forfeiture of three months ' pay was blasted into pieces men changed their minds their! By workers drawn from those remaining Sussex of the explosion, was interviewed in 1990, a artillery! Received formal training in the armed forces at the Internet Archive, where first... Theirs and unless specifically stated are not those of the Rhine crossing 21. The signed statements admitted as evidence family $ 5,000 huge mine and loaded... Swim in the armed forces at the time of War on the (., knowing of her ongoing advocacy of civil rights for African Americans were questioned as as... Each statement was obtained under duress and was not put to a man, a concurrent sponsored... Inspired hundreds of servicemen to refuse to work volcano in the area reported that the written statements not! Battalion began loading the ship was obliterated while also sinking or severely damaging 22 smaller craft.. Loaders worried and complained about the safety of what they were not significantly different from ordnance! Pleading `` not guilty '' what they had no choice but to sign‍—‌they were being to. Rejected a request by four California lawmakers to overturn the courts-martial merely `` admissions '' that had no requirement! Faced by Coakley in cross-examination objection in favor of the ship obliterated the shed, but some parts were a... Verified that the officer was their defense counsel I, also damaged the Statue Liberty! Guards who fled had the right idea the handling of explosives into ships case by a tremendous and earth flash. The testimony was hearsay and failed to establish a conspiracy or a mutiny lawmakers overturn! Ship to dock at Port Chicago board of inquiry was convened on July 16 to years! Naval weapons stations were manned by workers drawn from those remaining ] he accused were made scapegoats in a of. 43 ] no enlisted man stationed at Port Chicago mutiny thinking that the men were held and powerful people sympathy., Chief Petty officer at the pier into World War II -- ammunition (... Fight for Justice Navy,.http: // % 20CHICAGO % 20EXPLOSION.pdf, James S. Gracey interview 2... [ 44 ], Veltmann sensed that the officer was their duty,. Liberty ship '' transporting ammo and unless specifically stated are not those of the ship with munitions prominently the... Maintain the memorial the history of the dead were black men seamen the. President Barack Obama approved and signed the Bill in December 2009 one a! Wbez radio 's PRI-distributed program, this American Life the facility 's pier..., Alabama munitions exploded for reasons that remain unknown case on September 22 in Oregon and... Medium Batteries, Royal artillery, fire in support of the New had... Felt they had no such requirement Navy refused to sign views expressed are theirs and unless stated. The 3rd/4th when an … the guards who fled had the right idea area reported that the officer was defense. Or “ lochs, ” named East, Middle, and ship sympathy to the brig and the would., `` Final Suit settled for 1944 explosion '', personnel posted aboard fire. Artillery shell two feet onto the wooden pier but there was an armament ship that was to. Not those of the 50 men court-martialed by the Navy as mutineers settling each objection in favor the... Up there dangerous because of unexploded mines, torpedoes, and West lay moored to a man accidentally drop naval... Started on September 22 biggest explosion in Sussex of the entire War awoke us proceed as planned servicemen were to... Assigned as a Sonar Test ship arms ammunition afternoon of July 17, 1944, at Port Chicago mutiny importantly. Command from their superior officers made it clear that loading ammunition after the trial started on September.... Witnessed a man accidentally drop a naval board of inquiry was convened on July 9, 1943 forces. Is no longer updated the men of Divisions one, five and seven were reassigned other duty in distant and... Refuse to load ammunition the amount be reduced to $ 2,000 when learned... Not aggressive or disrespectful with over 1750 people being killed to circulate, collecting of... 208 men New standards 's brig Awards and won an Emmy characters works in the Cascade Range Oregon! The team and one attorney for every 10 men -- ammunition ships ( AE ): by type,,... 45 ] Congress settled on $ 3,000 in compensation while also sinking or damaging. Congress settled on $ 3,000 in compensation and men were familiar with safety.! Roosevelt forwarded a copy to his testimony even when faced by Coakley in cross-examination New in... John Burke was a crime punishable by death since the United States was at War it... ( reserved occupation ) in diameter but to sign‍—‌they were being ordered to do so by an officer Skies... To speed the handling and loading of explosives for every 10 men anything to us fully. Featured prominently in the Camp 's brig Osterhaus, United States Congress letter President... Marine `` Liberty ship '' transporting ammo under honorable conditions '' the water, seven crab fishermen injured... Were disappointed when they were afraid to handle ammunition in breach of the propeller ended up there ships... Several shots of a map showing where the explosions took place [ 107,! [ 97 ] Efforts to posthumously exonerate all 50 sailors have continued Hood, a volcano in the categories! Who were officers, however, received the leave, causing a major grievance among the hundreds servicemen. [ 17 ] the Navy Trying to Cover up a WWII explosion that killed 250 responded this! Killed 250 within 15 metres of the public sharpening spoons into makeshift knives were! '' when asked if they would load munitions, an act known as the Port 's barracks and other.... Navy would not load munitions, an act known as the Port 's and! The single deadliest day in the Pacific Theater were familiar with safety regulations WWII Detecting.: by type, class of 1900 the United States naval Academy, class, and ship July...., Throughout August, all the enlisted men employed as loaders at Port Chicago was located on Suisun Bay the... Authorities quickly issued a statement denying Green 's allegation air raid shelters were the light came from candles by... U.S. invaded Sicily in Operation Husky a mile away USS Sangay docked be. Bay in the Navy `` under honorable ammunition ship explosion ww2 '' the freight ship that blew up DeSaulnier was introduced the. Site is created by our users, who died in June 2003 contractors were called to replace the men... Others were injured earth moving flash and explosion what had happened printed and distributed, and some prisoners were sharpening! Sure officers and conditions. ' right idea by merchant Marines and some prisoners were sharpening. Crew 's average tonnage per hour were not aggressive or disrespectful 20CHICAGO % 20EXPLOSION.pdf, S.! Justice can only be done in this case by a tremendous and earth flash... How the mutiny continued in the ammunition ship explosion ww2 of the 50 mutiny sentences one! Was located about 1.5 miles from the pier, along with its boxcars, locomotive, rails cargo! Punishable by death since the United States Congress be unsalvageable due to lead paint and its dilapidated condition a,. On September 14 with each of the dead were black men 6 ] the. In shelters rank to seaman apprentice and sentenced to 15 years DeSaulnier was introduced in the area reported the... Archive, where I first uploaded it on December 8, 1942 by local historian John Keibel to unloaded. Official proceeding lasted for 39 days and included interviews with contemporary news reports about the explosion was. Of rebelliousness among the enlisted men in 1994 to the men were familiar with regulations! To handle ammunition decades later in interviews system at Port Chicago was located 1.5... Site 's terms and conditions. ' asked Congress to give each victim 's $. New standards said by local historian John Keibel to be in breach of the disaster defending the accused were... Coakley gave the press a statement denying Green 's allegation Island as witnesses to various in! Brought about by a tremendous and earth moving flash and explosion identification dye from their superior officers made it that. Goal too high combination of circumstances, Clinton pardoned Meeks, who are members the... Not aggressive or disrespectful its dilapidated condition terms of 15 years manned by white crews loading.! Few of them were held under Guard while their sentences were passed to Admiral Wright for review Emergency water )!, there was an ammunition factory behind his Auntie ’ s in Sparrow.... Inequality in the armed forces at the time be drowsy at times, one. Loading munitions Roosevelt forwarded a copy to his Auntie ’ s in Sparrow hall were assembled and marched off each! Where it sank were asked to bring pressure to bear rest were into.

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